A natural womanizer, Imadori is capable of meeting large group of girls and asking them all at once with little regard to consequences. He's been trying to go out with Mikoto since forever. Ichijou is one of the rare girls he'd like to avoid after finding out how strong she is.
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the captain's dilemma
Nov 12, 2012
This such a dilemma. I ordered a rare and premium action figure over the Internet. There was no issue about that. My new prized possession has been delivered on my front door on time; it was scheduled today. I signed the document, grabbed the box from the guy and ran to my room. But when I opened it, I saw that my Captain Gromm, an elite super hero, was broken! The arm was detached! I dropped the box on the floor from my disbelief.

I called the customer service to have it replaced, but they said that the Gromm Man's action figure was discontinued! I have the last one! Absurd! How many times have I been receiving defective products? This is a curse!

"There's no way to put his arm back on!" I said. Why does this keep happening to me? I just want my action figure to be in mint condition! Heck, I just want my action figure!

I don't know if I'll ever be buying collectibles over the Internet. Actually, it's become pretty hard for me to buy action figures, because I've bought six defective items already. If my parents find out that I've wasted this much money, they'll kill me! I'm already angry at myself, because I could've used that money to pick up chicks! Argh! The impulse buying will be the death of me. I mean, if I won't get my refund -- which is what usually happens -- I'm going to have to get more part-time jobs. It's no laughing matter!

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It's Just Horrible!
Feb 15, 2012
"Look here! Look here!" I said. "See this, everyone? It's my limited action figure! It's Pink Go-Ranger!" I got it really at a bargain. But even with it's price, it is already very expensive.

It's limited in a sense that there's only three of them ever manufactured in Japan! And so I showed this beauty to everyone in the Nishijou meeting. Everyone one of them were stunned. They were not worthy.

And so I went home with my head up high.

"Ah, Imadori-kun. Ohayou." Geh, it's Ichijou-san.

"Ichijou-san, look here! It's my limited action figure and very rare Pink Go-Ranger!"

"Ehh, sugoi. Can I see?"

"Sure-- eh.." I think I heard a crack. "E... EHHH?!" The head got severed!

I think I woke up in the school infirmary afterwards.

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Raining Down on Me
Feb 14, 2012

It was raining all day and I had plans to go girl gazing this Saturday. But aw, it was painful to watch outside. Well, my weekend is pretty ruined. The rain made my room cool enough to make me sleep all day. It's tiring to sleep all day.

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